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Collection "MY PARK" 2006 slide, 30x47, Digital Fine Art print on photographic paper mat, USA: NJ, residence for artists to I-Park, red leaves first floor, large dark background bare tree


ROBERTA TUDISCO picks up the camera around the age of 13, intrigued by her father's passion. She undertakes university studies with an ethological address and these, combined with her passion for the contemplation of nature, provide her with the material for the first photographic experiments. She lives in Sicily and for several years she works as a cameraman for a local TV, also dealing with the crime news. You include collaborations with various publishers and a short Milanese advertising break. She spends all the time and resources available on "on the road" journeys in search of the Anima Mundi, in an attempt to capture magical moments of light and color. Her purpose is, by refining the investigation of small daily miracles, to capture those peculiar unique moments, capable of capturing the eyes and providing insights to souls.

With works aimed at sustainable development and respect for the environment, Earthmatters and Aqua, he has already exhibited in New York USA 2002-2003, Sao Paulo do Brasil 2005, East Haddam Connecticut USA 2006, Milan 2004-2007, Rome 2005-2009, Varese 2004-2005, Catania 2004-2006-2007-2008-2009, as well as in Caltagirone, Savona, Taormina, obtaining significant feedback from critics, the public and the press.




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Auction 19 - Collectibles, Dolls and Photography


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